I’ve been promising this for ages and am sorry it took so long.  I just wanted to state that building a dream home is an intimidating, scary undertaking, even for an Architectural Engineer.  We’ve all heard the horror stories and practically no one says they’d do it again.  Well, thanks to you I don’t share that opinion.  From the time that we initially engaged you through completion of the project and beyond, you have been a shining example of how well a project like this can go.  It’s true that I ended up spending more than I set out to, but I think that’s just the nature of the process and getting in touch with what we really value.


Having now lived in the home for three years, I’ve come to appreciate the finer points of your work.  We’ve entertained as many as sixty people and it’s amazing how well the space flows for such occasions.  Despite the generous windows, it always feels warm and comfortable and the sunshine never enters harshly, no matter the time of year.  We wake to gentle easterly sunshine and by the time it reaches sufficient brightness to become an annoyance, it’s out of view.  We love the way you blurred the lines between outdoor and indoor living.  It’s as though we have twice the area and two entirely different environments to enjoy, all while keeping energy consumption to a minimum.  Though the structure is considerably more spacious, it uses a fraction of the energy our older home did.


You did a fantastic job from the design perspective.  In fact, most who’ve seen the home comment that it belongs in magazines.  I couldn’t agree more.  However, I think what pleases me most is your sincere dedication.  The project ended some time ago and yet I always feel the comfort of knowing that I can reach out regarding anything and you’ll have a solution.  That’s a level of service we don’t see much anymore.  The process has resulted in more than a dream home.  Through it, we developed a number of long-lasting friendships and yours is chief among them.  I’d build another with you if you hadn’t just produced the best thing I could imagine!  Maybe one day…


Thanks so much!


Kevin Leadford

Principal Engineer, Horizon Group